CPR and AED Courses

Emergency First Aid at Work Course 23rd June 2021, SEALL, Sleat, Isle of Skye

"The course was enjoyable and the practicals of the day were good. COVID precautions were dealt with well and we felt safe that everything was sanitised"

"Great course, learned a lot efficiently and feel much more confident about giving first aid in real life situations. All questions were also answered!"

"The course was engaging, informative and fun. As a learner you feel relaxed enough to ask stupid questions because the tutor was non judgmental. Thank you!"

"Excellent trainer with clear concise delivery. Made learning a pleasure and instilled confidence"

Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course 3rd June 2019, Sleat Primary school

"Great course. Learned loads, feel confident. Trainer very good"

Thank you! Knowledge received and a great opportunity to revisit practice as a first aider"

"I found this course very informative and interesting and the tutor was happy to answer any questions we had and explained everything"

"Thank you! Very good refresher, especially CPR and AED sections"

EFAW, Emergency First Aid at Work. Yoga Hero, the Boulevard, Leeds Dock.

"Excellent, thank you"

"Great Course!"

"Brilliant course"

"Excellent course. Lots of practical learning engaged me + easier to pick up new skills - thank you"

"Great course , thank you"

"Trainers able to make course interesting and engaging"

"A very good day"

"I liked the repetition and practical - really helped things stick in my head. Also really liked the practical elements, better than other first aid courses I have done"

"Great teachers and very helpful! thank you!"

Emergency First Aid at Work Course, Cookridge Hall Golf Club, 07/02/2017

"Enjoyable. Easy to understand, very informative tutor".

"Interesting course, made fun".

"Good content, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer".

"Trainer was very informative and entertaining".

"Had fun, knowledgeable tutor and informative day. I feel confident I could make a difference if needed. Thanks".

Emergency First Aid at Work Course, City Exchange Leeds for Yoga Hero 27/11/2016

"Excellent content delivered in a fun and enthusiastic way".

"It felt like the material was delivered clearly and thoroughly".

"Good pace and mix between listening and trying out physically. Trainer encouraging and knowledgeable".

"Mike was very engaging, gave clear and coherent advice and guidance. I feel very prepared for any issues that may arise in the workplace".

"The trainer was great, gave useful real life examples and made the course fun. Thank you for an enjoyable course - especially on a Sunday!"

"Thanks Mike. Really clear, straightforward teachings at a good and steady pace. Much appreciated".

"Thank you Mike. You help my attention very well, the day went quickly and explanations were clear and concise. You were very encouraging with clear feedback".

"I though the training today was very clear and well taught".

CPR and AED Refresher Course
03/06/2016 Children's Services, Leeds

"Excellent, thanks".

"Enjoyable, well worth attending".

"Many thanks, very helpful and informative".

CPR and AED Refresher Course
01/06/2016 Children's Services, Leeds

"Excellent Course".

"Really helpful session, refreshed my previous learning".

"Thanks very much, very useful and informative. Good balance of theory and practice".

CPR and AED Course (New Candidates) 26/05/2016 Children's Services, Leeds

"Very good training session. Refresher of CPR and recovery position were very useful. Updates on recent guidelines was very useful also".

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I can't wait to write up my notes. The instructor was outstanding! Passion about the content and in the delivery. Excellent job, many thanks".

"Would recommend this course to anyone. Extremely useful, well balanced with theory and practice, life applicable and well informed trainer with great interpersonal skills. Thank you".

"Excellent pace and information. Really enjoyed the practical elements, it's made me feel confident to use these techniques in a crises. Thank you!".

Emergency First Aid At Work

18/02/2016 Renew Leeds

"Brill tutors, brill advice"

"Thank You!"

"Had an excellent time doing this course"

Practice Based Resuscitation

14/04/2016 NSHC, keighley

"thank you for CPR training; I have received good feedback from the team of how they found it useful and we learnt a few things"

10/12/2015 Middleton Primary School, Leeds

"Really enjoyable course - very informative 10/10"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day 10/10"

"Excellent course. Better than I thought 10/10"

05/11/2015 Middleton Primary School, Leeds

"Very Good Course, had a great day. Very Helpful" 10/10

"Very good course, very interesting and helpful. Good interesting trainer" 10/10

"Really enjoyed what I have learnt as the trainer was brill with what we needed to know" 10/10

First aid, Practice Based Resuscitation and AED training

13/09/2015 Fresh Fitness,
Richmond Holiday Park, Skegness

First Aid at Work

"What a fun course!" 10/10

Excellent Course, very much enjoyed it" 10/10

"Fantastic Trainer - Great Course" 10/10

"Thanks - Really enjoyed the course" 10/10

"Brilliant, very good course. Will go further in depth when I need help, thank you" 10/10

"Really enjoyed it, it was really good. Thank you" 10/10

5/5/2015 Young Carers First Aid, Kirklees

"Very good"

"I liked doing it, it was very helpful"

Emergency First Aid at Work 18th April, Featherstone.

"Fab trainer and made it fun".

"Really enjoyed the course. Sam was great, held my interest and made the day fun and full of info"

Practice Based Resuscitation Course with Safeguarding 8th April 2015,

"Explained well, good detail"

"I would happily recommned WYMS for your training needs. Easy to manage and tailor made course for my dental practice"

Emergency First Aid at Work 26/03/15 @ Westcliffe Medical Practice.

"it was excellent"

"Very enjoyable"

"Thanks Sam, made it a great course to be a part of"

Practice Based Resuscitation Course 25th February 2015, Tong Medical Practice.

“Good Confident Training”

“Vey good, interactive +  practical”

“very well presented, friendly but professional approach” 

“very informative, well presented , very engaging”

“very good and focussed session”

Emergency First Aid, Holmfirth Harriers 22nd February 2015

“very good”



23rd January 2015 Emergency First Aid for New Parents

"Excellent quality course. A must for any new parent. Thank you".

"The first First Aid course I have been on that is fast paced and actually interesting and practical rather than rule based. Thank you".

"Very informative, helpful and made fun. Loved it. Thank you".

"Really good and useful course, especially when you have young children at home".


"Excellent, helpful and informative course. I am much more confident with my baby now. As a new mum I feel this course would be extremely popular in children's centres, nurseries and social venues".

1st December 2014 AED and CPR, Plockton.

"Very clear and helpful".

"Any questions I had were answered fully and clearly. Easier to remember because it all made sense when explained".

"Due to having carried out this training I feel confident enough to use the equipment. No second thoughts. Thank you".

30th November 2014 Emergency First Aid at Work, Plockton

"Brilliant course. The tutor made it very interesting and fun to learn".

"Excellent trainer, great fun and informative".

"Thank you for the first aid course. Must say, best first aid course I've ever been on".

AED and CPR 30th November 2014, Plockton.

"Great course, very enjoyable and informative".

"I really enjoyed this course as it was informative and easy to understand what was taught to me".

27th November2014 Practice Based Resuscitation Course, Mayfield Medical Practice, Bradford.

"Best training ever"

"Good training session and the right length of time for clinicians".

"Excellent, thank you"

"Very informative"

"Very good"

"very informative and interesting"

"very good presentation and method of delivery"

18th September 2014 Practice Based Resuscitation Course, Westcliffe Medical Practice, Bradford.
"Excellent training session, good pace, thoroughly enjoyable".
"Learned a lot but hope I will never half to put it in to practice."
"excellent course, thank you"

24th September 2014 Practice Based Resuscitation, NHS England, Leeds

5/5, very good thanks.

Overall the session was very good.

Excellent tutor, very enjoyable.

3rd September 2014 Practice Based AED/CPR Training: Westcliffe Innovations Ltd.

"Really good training session, very useful and easy to follow".

"Really enjoyed it, very good, very useful and understanding"

"Great to play with AEDs. Scenarios helped contextualise what we had learnt, Thanks a lot!"

"Enjoyable course, very useful as I have learned new techniques with the machines"

"Really good and practical, videos and scanarios - fab"

"Good training session on BLS. Varied teaching techniques , videos, lecture and practical sessions".

Free AED Training in Plockton Received Well!

Following a donation to Lucky2BHere the Community in Plockton received free AED Training from WYMS during w/c 23-28th February. Their new Public Access AED being in place (see Community Involvement Page). Feedback included:

"This course was excellent and more than satisfied my requirements. I feel more confident now about using an AED. Many thanks". 

"Very simple and informative, confidence much better".

"I would do this again, it was very good".

"Just what I needed and the update in first aid was very useful".

"Everything was explained very thoroughly and patiently".

"Excellent course, well worth doing".

"I was very impressed with the delivery and content of the course. Thank you".

"Very enjoyable and well presented".

"This course was excellent and I could not believe how things have changed since my last course. Mike was a fantastic tutor".

"Very informative - I feel very comfortable with the use of the AED thanks to Mike - a great course".

"Very informative and fun".

"Absolutely invaluable".

"It was fun, we want Mike back!"

"Come back in two years please!"

EFAW 25/02/14 Plockton

"Very good, really enjoyed it".

"Mike covered all the contents at a sensible pace, stopping where necessary to explain the details".

"Best first aid course I have been on".

18th September 2013 Emergency First Aid at Work" The Nerve Centre Kirklees
"Great Day, very informative".
"Exceeded my expectations, thank you".
"Extremely enthusiastic trainer, very helpful".

 13-15 September 2013, FAW and AED, Queen Elizabeth Barracks
"Worthwhile weekend, tutors were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful".
"The course was very good".
"Very good and enjoyable course. I learnt new skills as well as tidied up existing ones".
"I have enjoyed this course and learnt and reaffirmed my knowledge of first aid".
"The trainer was very helpful, very enjoyable course".
"Mike was very entertaining and kept us all interested".
2nd November 2012, V & A Bell Brown LLP (EFAW).
"Having the course in the office made it very relevant as did the use of scenarios"
"Excellent trainer! Very encouraging, made the session very enjoyable, key phrases that stuck in my mind and will be remembered. Thank you!"
"Mike's comments on my negative start that turned into something more positive by the end of the course were very helpful"
"Extremely well run and useful"
"Very enjoyable course, tutor easy to listen to and learn from"
"Enjoyed the work based scenarios"
"I learnt a lot, thank you!"
"Excellent tuition, carried the enthusiasm throughout the day"
20th September 2012, Shipley (BLS, AED and Anaphylaxis Training for clinical staff)

"fab!, simple, effective and to the point, thanks"


"Excellent 10/10"

"Excellent update, informed and hands on approach, really good"

"Excellent session, interactive, good contribution from the team"
20th September 2012, Bradford (Basic CPR training for Admin Staff)

"Best of the 3 BLS sessions I have done, practical and down to earth"

"Very good, clearly explained to us by a friendly trainer who made it understandable and interesting, well done!"

"Enjoyed the training very much".
10th July 2012, Leeds Skate Park (Emergency First Aid)

"Better than any other first aid training that I have ever done before"

13th June 2012, Leeds (First Aid at Work)

"very good course - content and organisation excellent. Venue very good. Enjoyable and instructive - good use of scenarios and activities".

"inclusion of CPR for children and babies was useful".

"very hands on, amazed at how much I have learned, very lively".

"The course was excellent and very enjoyable, and all the staff were extremely helpful".

"I was a little apprehensive at first but found the experience very informative and enjoyable in the end."

12th May 2012, Leeds (Emergency Aid)

"really good course, lots of relevant in formation, I just hope I never need to use it"

"really good!, he knew a lot and delivered it well"
20th October 2011, Shipley (CPR & AED update)

"Very to the point, memorable, thank you"

6th October 2011, Shipley (CPR & AED update)

"Great update, thanks"

"Training was better in small groups as had good opportunity to practice skills"

"Very clear presentation, was better doing the training in small groups as had good opportunity to practice on mannequins. Handout was useful also"

Teacher, Tutor and Professional Development

16, 17, 23 and 24 September 2017 Level 3 Award in Education and Training

"Loved the course! Sam was absolutely fantastic, loved her enthusiasm! Matt made everyone feel at ease when nerves were taking over! Really enjoyed the course"!

"I was extremely pleased with the trainer, Sam, she was very informative and consistent throughout the course, kind and helpful".

11,12 and 18 June 2016 Level 3 Award in Education and Training, Community Access Point - Huddersfield

"Effective concentrated learning. Course delivery interesting and motivating".

"Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and supported my learning. He was very approachable as was the assessor. It has been a pleasure and I would like to say Thank You".

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course - Mike was an excellent tutor and we were fortunate to have an excellent group (participants)".

"Very well planned. Good structure of delivery".

"Thoroughly enjoyed the trainers style of teaching. It was learning whilst having a joke and fun".

2-3 April 2016 Level 3 Award in Education and Training. High Adventure OEC

"Good enjoyable course. Pace and content good."

"A very well delivered course. time and support given all the way through the process. Many thanks."

31/01/2015 RLSS AED TA Course, Craigswood Leisure Centre

"Very good and enjoyable course. Trainer made it enjoyable with their enthusiasm".

"Great course, very informative and interactive".

"Course was interesting and provided me with a level of skill ready to train".

"Excellent. Explained all very well, Great Course!!!"

"Course well delivered by a knowledgeable trainer".

"Enjoyed the course. Have been a lifeguard for 10 years and it was great to be learning new things again".

3rd December 2014 RSPH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene - Level 2

"The trainer was very nice and made it more enjoyable".

"Course was very good and well laid out and presented well".

"Most is common sense but still made you think about things much more. Will be putting so much more into practice, not just at work but home too. Cheers".

"I enjoyed the course as it was good to see the theory behind the practical within my job. Thanks!"

HABC Level 2 Award in Customer Service, 1st December 2014, Plockton.

"The tutor was very enthusiastic and he made the course personal to us so it helped me to have a better understanding of the course".

"The course was made much more enjoyable than I was expecting and was very informative and interactive".

"The trainer was really enthusiastic, kept it light hearted and fun so kept my attention".

Level 3 Award in Education and Training 8-9 November 2014

"Really enjoyed the course and looking foreword to more teaching in the future".

"I found the course both exciting and enjoyable. The course was structured in a way that was understandable and educational. I would definitely recommend the course!"

"Extremely enthusiastic tutor which made the course enjoyable. Kept my attention through the whole time which is a rarity. Made each candidate feel individual and positive".

"Excellent course and tutor, thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend".

RLSS Automated External Defibrillator Trainer Assessor Course 21/09/2014

"Very knowledgeable trainer, clear and precise training".

"Good knowledge of the topic, learned good training processes".

"Very informative and clear course. Fulfilled all of my needs and expectations".

"Excellent, well presented course that will help me develop as a trainer and help the centre I work at develop".

"Enjoyable course and helpful for me to develop my knowledge and pass on to others".

WYMS Continues to Provide Trainer Education Awards.

From the 12-13 April 2014 WYMS delivered another L3 Award in Education and Training at Tenants Hall in Leeds.

Feedback continues to be positive:

"Outstanding!! Both Course and Staff; will be enquiring as to further courses. Well worth every penny".

"The tutor did a good job in delivering the course, was very helpful and knowledgeable".

"This was quite an engaging course with a range of teaching styles to suit everyone. Excellent organisation of activities all round".

"An excellent tutor, clear, dynamic and delivers the sessions in an interesting manner".

"Very enthusiastic tutor, lovely venue, I feel I have already achieved".

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course".

During the 28-29 Sept 2013 WYMS delivered the first ever Active IQ Level 3 Award in Education and Training. The award was received very well indeed:
"The AET has given me a new insight into the world of training and given me new ideas to go forward into the next step".
"The course was enjoyable, clearly covering the aim of the award. The setting was relaxed, but at the same time professional".
"A relaxed teaching course which got the best out of us all in two days. A well structured course".
"I enjoyed the course".
"Good teaching and training; good assessor evaluation".
"Good setting".
"Good level of instruction".
"Group exercises and work well organised".
"Clear, concise and logical steps / objectives".
10th and 11th July 2012, Leeds, PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

“Pitched and paced at the right level for my needs"”

"Informative and interesting. Use of theory + practice + application was well balanced. Practical exercises that demonstrated key points which led to better understanding"

"Enjoyed the course was interesting and learnt some new things and ways of doing activities".

"This course has affirmed my previous knowledge without being patronising, It has made me think more about the importance of planning and different assessment methods."

"A thoroughly enjoyable course encapsulating all my needs for progression. The course allayed fears and has given me a sound platform to build on"

IT Training and Management Training in Partnership with Allberry Training
2nd February 2012, Elland (Excel Foundation)

“Really enjoyed the day, learnt loads!”

12th January 2012, Stoke on Trent (Managing Non-Direct Reports)

“Extremely useful course which has identified a few ‘Light bulb’ areas” .

14th December 2011, Sheffield. (Time Management)   

“Julie Berry made it a good and interesting day”

In-Service Training

Pool /Open Water Safety Training

19-21/05/2019 RLSS Open Water Lifeguard Course, Loch Achilty Strathpeffer 

"Amazing trainer and he spent a lot of time explaining the course in detail"

"Excellent course delivered expertly and clearly. Course was enjoyable and a lot of fun as well as being a set of great new skills to have"

"Excellent location for water skills"

"Excellent! Loved it!"

"Fabulous, enjoyable as well as educational! Loved the open water sessions"

"Super course and delivery / presentation was excellent. Good atmosphere and participation with everyone"

"Well paced, innovative course. Well chosen location, use again! Useful connections made"

"Brilliant course. Lots of practical elements applicable to personal desires. Loved the KAHOOT! app too, consolidated learning"

25/05/2018 AIQ L3 Certificate in Pool Plant Operations (RQF), Fresh Fitness, Skegness

“Really helpful tutor, interesting. The overall course was great! Came away with a lot of knowledge” 5/5

“Spot on” 5/5

“Excellent course - thank you” 5/5

“Fantastic course, had a great time” 5/5

“Interesting and enjoyable course. I learned a great deal” 5/5

24/10/2016, RLSS National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches, Cookridge Hall.

"Great course and a fundamental for all our staff / management team here at Cookridge Hall".

"Very enjoyable course. Mike, the trainer, was very enthusiastic and informative. Sarah, the assessor, was very friendly and approachable".

"Enjoyable course, great to be reminded and updated on pool safety. Thank you".

22/10/2016, RLSS Pool Extraction Board TA Update, Knottingley Sports Centre, Wakefield.

"Knowledgeable, thorough, I enjoyed the course. Enough content, constantly checked our learning".

"Went away from the course with a thorough understanding of the PXB. Very good training session".

"Good level of detail, well presented in an enjoyable style and a good balance of theory and practical".

"Good course, well presented, enjoyed it".

"Very interesting course and gave me more knowledge and confidence to use the board".

"Enjoyed the practical session, I feel I learn more from taking part".

24/09/2016, RLSS Pool Extraction Board TA Update, Riddings Pool, Scunthorpe.

"Nice to have training on new PXB Board and learn new ways of teaching instruction".

"Excellent piece of kit, very relevant and easier to use than the original one. Enjoyable session".

"Now feel confident to deliver training on the PXB".

"Very clear about the technique required".

"Informative, supportive, excellent delivery".

"Pool work was a big help".

17/09/2016, North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre, Green Meadows, Leeds. RLSS Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award.

"Course was fun and informative, very enjoyable".


"Great course, made fun and relevant which made the day fly".

"Great course, really informative".

"I feel more confident in the water, thank you".

"I enjoyed the course and felt that it was delivered at a good pace and interesting at all times".

"Really enjoyed the training. I feel a lot more confident and more knowledgeable and looking forward to feeling more comfortable around the pool".

"A really good day - even for a working Saturday. Thank you".

"Everything was explained and presented in an enjoyable way. Very informative and relevant to work and home".

20-21/08/2016, Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness, RLSS Emergency Response - Pool

"Very clear and helpful on each topic, answering all questions. Mike was great and made the course fun".

"The information was well presented in a way that made questioning effective. The instructors knowledge and experience were obvious and reassuring. Well taught, well delivered and very informative".

"Excellent delivery of the course. Mike explained everything in a manner that everyone understood. Definitely recommended!"

Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award (ATSPRA) 23/04/16 NWSILC

"thank you , a practical and useful day's training, that will enable the pupils swimming sessions to continue in a safe manner"

"pleasant and enjoyable"

"made it enjoyable and easy to learn"

23/11/2014, Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness, RLSS Emergency Response - Pool

"The course was delivered in a fun and appropriate way to provide a great friendly experience".

"I thought the course was just right and long enough to go through all the skills necessary".

6-7 November 2014, Woodhouse Primary School, RLSS NRASTC

"A great informative course with the right amount of information delivered with humour (when applicable)".

"Thank you for an informative and practical course. I feel ready now and confident with water safety".

"Great informative detail relevant to our pupils".

"A very useful course, trainer made it easy to understand and helpful with great practical ideas".

30-31st August 2014, Cookridge Hall (RLSS Emergency Response Pool).

"An extremely pleasant course to take with reassuring training and enthusiasm to encourage all".

"Very productive. Helped refresh first aid knowledge. Definitely recommend"!

"The course was thoroughly enjoyable, well delivered and I found that I took a lot of information in that I had not previously known".

"The trainer was very helpful and quick to point out areas that we could improve on. This meant we all understood each activity".

"I enjoyed the course and learned a huge amount. The course was delivered well and competently".

5th and 13th October 2013, Cookridge Hall (RLSS Emergency Response Pool)

"A very informative two days. I have now gained useful life skills as a result. Thanks"
"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer"
"Mike was a top guy, enjoyed it a lot, learnt a lot, very enjoyable"
"The course was highly practical and enjoyable"
25 & 27th October 2012, Cookridge Hall (RLSS Emergency Response Pool)

"Great Course, really enjoyed it. Really learnt a lot"

Great course, very straight forward and made easy to learn"

November 2012, Cookridge Hall, (RLSS Rescue Test for Teachers and Coaches of Swimming.

Child Safeguarding Training

29th April 2015, Safeguarding for Sports Coaches, Undercliffe Cricket Club

"full of information, well presented"

"A most enjoyable and interesting evening - thank you"

"Very well presented, good communication, kept interesting"

"Excellent, interactive and informative"

"Excellent job. Well done"

"All issues covered well well explained so now I understand how to deal with problems I may be called to deal with"

28th February 2015. HABC Level 2 Award in Safeguarding and Protecting Young People.

"The course had a ot of content but there was plenty of time to discuss. I will be ging come and researching the various examples discussed. Thank you QTP a very enjoyable course"

"Great day, leant a lot, thank you"

May 2012

"Over the years I have attended many courses on child protection and its associated problems. I was so highly impressed with his [Michael's] courses, his expertise and his knowledge that I asked him to run many purpose built courses in child protection for some of the national martial art associations of which I am a committee member. It has proven invaluable as in most of the martial art world child protection training in general is fairly sporadic"

12th May 2012, Leeds (3 hour safeguarding)

"Excellent course. Mike delivered the course very well. Great knowledge".

"Mike covered lots of topics with lots of room to ask questions".

"very  helpful to my working experience and continued good practice"

"Opened my eye to a lot of safeguarding issues".

Manual Handling

29th October 2014, Bluebell Building Bradford.

"It was presented in an interesting and entertaining way"

"Very well presented"


Health and Safety, Manual Handling and Fire Safety.

13th May 2015, Mandatory Training 3 Hour Refresher, Keighley Road Surgery

"Very useful, very informative"


"very enjoyable"

Food Hygiene

16th May 2015. RSPH Foundation Certificate in Found Hygiene (Level 2), South Yorkshire Boat Club.

"enjoyable course, was interesting"


"learnt a lot from the course"