GP Locum - Dr Seemab Khan


MBBS MRCGP CCT (General Practice)

Vocational Training

(listed for the last year only)

     Certificate in basic Life support /CPR, Defibrillation and Anaphylaxis

        Contraceptive choices 2012

         Medical Update Spirometry

         Respiratory Update

        2012 Yorkshire regional Family Planning and Reproductive Health care Update

Continued Professional Development

I have always taken professional development very seriously and continue to take opportunities to update my skills. I regularly participate in official courses, but also a member of a long term private study group.

About me:


I am married with three children. A girl aged 5 years and two boys aged 9 and 11. I swim regularly once a week and encourage my children to do the same. I am currently attempting to complete swimming the length of the Channel and am pleased to say I am over half way. I regularly take part in Park Run a weekly 5K run. 

Community activities

I am an active Friend of St Cuthberts School which means. I attend fundraising meetings and volunteer my time to help run activities for the local school. 

Creative activities

For the 4 years I have been attending a monthly reflective writing group where we write pieces to share and discuss. The group consists of doctors and the pieces written can consist of poetry or prose and can be about our clinical or personal experiences. The aim is to improve our writing  skills and to help enable us to positively reflect upon experiences in practice.





Services offered

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To contact me


Mobile: (07971) 279480